After the Ice Age

Thanks to everyone who has bought, listened and supported Ice Age. Its been my most successful release so far both in airplay, sales and reviews. However I don't ever really stop writing songs so I'm well underway with an EP consisting of 5 songs to be released in December...hopefully. This will feature some other musicians on two of the tracks. Rather talented musicians as well but more on them nearer the release date.

The tracks are:

Origami (from the Ice Age sessions but deliberately left to head up this EP)
Frances Mary Chambers (new track)
Farewell (new track)
Old News (new track)
An Ordinary Poison (a complete reworking of a song I previously released in 2010 under my old recording name Relocate to Heathrow)

Once the EP is finished (I am currently at mixing stage) I will begin writing the next album. I will hopefully be working with other musicians all the way through the recording of this but don't expect that will start until 2015. There is every likelihood something else will be going on in between but I'll report any news as and when it happens.

All the bestĀ 

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