What Lies Beneath

"I am very happy to announce that Rohan Jordan-Shah, who previously played with Unto Us on their last tour, has brought his considerable drumming skills to one of the key tracks on my forthcoming album.  

Rohan is joined on What Lies Beneath by a very talented list of musicians. 

Leopold Blu-Sky of Unto Us and Darkhill Studio plays bass, guitars, keys, pedal steel and drum programming as well as producing and mixing the album. 

Gareth Cole plays guitars throughout, with a splash of piano on The City Of My Dreams. 

Frank Frank L. Urbaniak of Fractal Mirror adds his fabulous drumming to 5 tracks. 

Leo Koperdraat of Fractal Mirror co-wrote and played guitar and keys on Two Eyes. 

Tom Slatter co-wrote, played guitar and sang on Wounds. 

Marco A Vásquez L co-wrote and played keys on The City Revealed. 

Joshua Leibowitz of Leibowitz provided the driving drums on Gunning For the Gods. 

Thanks also to Stuart Stephens (Whitewater) Clare Stephens and Allyson Blu-Sky 
( Garden of Live Flowers) for contributing backing vocals. 

I would also like to mention Stu Nicholson of Galahad who provided great vocals for the track ‘Fear’. We decided rather late in the process that we could do more with this song and therefore decided to restructure it – and perhaps to build other tracks around it. At that stage in the process we did not have enough time to do this, so we decided to hold back Fear for the next release. Work will start on this very shortly."

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